It’s the Quality that Makes the Difference

Not all remanufactured cartridges are made the same. There is a huge disparity in the quality and performance of aftermarket imaging supplies. At Clover, we take pride in a defect rate that is the best in the industry and rivals that of the OEMs. Our world-class engineering department designs our cartridges to meet or exceed OEM specifications for yield and print quality through the design and implementation of propriety product development practices, manufacturing standards, process automation, and performance testing protocols.

Clover’s Global Automation and Robotics Network

Clover’s in-house Automation and Robotics Engineering Team has developed a catalog of more than 700 process-enhancing tools, machines, and robotics to support Clover’s sophisticated global manufacturing environments, driving down production costs and increasing product consistency and quality in all Clover facilities. Ranging in size from single-user jigs and tooling to full-scale process automation equipment capable of disassembling, cleaning, filling, and assembling cartridges without human intervention, Clover’s automation and robotics equipment is deployed on a global scale. All machines built in our labs are Ethernet enabled and monitored by Clover’s automation team in Ottawa, IL. This global networking enables Clover’s skilled team of engineers and machine designers to monitor and maintain the company’s machinery in Clover plants around the globe, minimizing downtime and increasing product quality and consistency. 


Efficient, Streamlined Manufacturing = Value for Our Customers

Many remanufacturers are willing to sacrifice quality for cost - not at Clover. All of our cartridges are developed and built in the most technologically advanced, ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing environment in the industry to ensure our products meet or exceed OEM page yield, performance, and quality. Its Clover’s efficient and streamlined manufacturing process that enables us to produce superior quality product while still maintaining value pricing.